Choose the new slide, go to Image > Import Image. Select your picture and press the Open button. Click on the imported picture and you will find an image bar in Time line bar. There is also the risk of fraud on the Internet, where people falsify credit cards or steal other people credit cards then buy items from you. Once the customer bank is notified that the card was stolen, you will be asked to return the money (called a chargeback) even though the thief has run off with your items. Adding insult to injury, you will be charged by your bank a chargeback fee of about 15% of the purchase amount..

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Is finishing his studies at Ball State while the other members are currently living in either Muncie or Fort Wayne. They get together frequently for rehearsals and to play material from their first CD, gaining fans throughout the area while winning last summer Battle of the Bands. Although they didn spend years developing their sound, West says their similar experience and musical influences provided a solid sound as they were forming Trackless..

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