There also fine local reporting coming from The Daily Memphian website, and at several local nonprofit reporting organizations. They all important. They all vital to a well informed citizenry. What is Liebig’s Law of the Minimum? What are some exceptions?Liebig’s Law states that whatever nutrient resource (N, P, Mg, Ca, etc.) is the least abundant in the organism’s environment, relative to the needs of the organism, will limit growth. The law has been expanded to encompass all «environmental factors».Exceptions to Liebig’s Law include:they are not homogeneous in resource requirements,the environment varies enough in time and place to invoke different limiting factors at different times and placesbecause nonlinear human responses cannot be usefully approximated as linear,nonlinear human responses cannot be usefully approximated as linear,interactions among limiting factors (sometimes appearing as economic substitutions) are not small enough to neglect, andthe time interval over which the carrying capacity is to be estimated is not short enough to justify the neglect of adaptive economic, technological and cultural responses.For further explanation of these effects, see How Many People Can the Earth Support by Joel E. Cohen, 1996.

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